” I was out of shape, and was a little nervous to say the very least, on going to my first Buloflex workout. However I was completely wrong. I was put at complete ease when I met, who would be my new workout trainers Franze- Paul and Lex. I was told that I could go at my own pace, and this was appealing as I was only getting back into sport. Workouts are very varied, fun, and extremely informative. The Bulofex coaches could not be more supportive, their encouragement is infectious. The aspect I really like is that if I’m struggling with a particular move, I’ am always offered an alternative. I cannot say enough about the benefits both physically and mentally that these workouts offer. Apart from those benefits I have also met a lot of great friends at the workouts, likeminded people wanting to better themselves. Thank you Buloflex!!!” – David Canavan

“I originally started BuloFlex for two reasons. I knew that I was at a time in my life where I had to stay somewhat active to be healthy and the other is because I started playing on a summer softball team and when i realized how out of shape I was running down to first base or even playing a full game i said something has to change. Since I started BuloFlex it has been a good way to stay fit and keep up consistent physical activity which was lacking throughout my 20’s. Three days a week and with numerous different exercises it really helps keep me in shape. The encouragement you get from the instructors also helps to push you to finish off those last reps even when you are exhausted. At first I was barely able to finish one class without dropping to my knees and taking a few minutes to myself to catch my breath but now only after 2 months I have seen the amount of reps I do from various exercises go up and my stamina grow exponentially. I physically and mentally feel that much better after workouts and even throughout the week because of BuloFlex. Give it a shot!”  – Adrian McCann

“This is the group for YOU!!!  If you are looking to get out and get active with others no matter what size, shape or fitness level you are this is the group to do it with.  I have gained some weight and needed motivation to get back in shape and workout. I feel so comfortable and great going to cross-fit every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Paul the instructor is encouraging and fills you with motivation.  Lex the coordinator is welcoming and friendly and is full of helpful tips and modifications to suit everyone’s fitness level.  It is a great way to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle and be in an environment where you can go at your own pace and feel comfortable and supported.”  – Shelly

“A great workout for anyone in all skills sets.  Modifications included.  The trainers not only train you but also explain why and how the exercises are good for you.  Atmosphere is fun and inviting.  It will make you want to come back with your friends.” – Nina

 Really enjoyed the class, the location and meeting everyone. ” – Nadine

“Omg what a great bunch of guys!! Paul and Lex are great instructors. The crossfit flowed and was challenging. Volleyball was fun and lots of laughs!!! … this for sure was the best. Guys and gals please come out to the next …(Session), you’ll be hooked. Nice meeting everyone!!!”  – Skye



One response to “Testimonials

  1. I was definitely nervous at first when I joined because I did not know anyone and I arrived alone but as soon as I got to the location I was greeted in an inviting manner by the other participants. The participants and coaches were VERY friendly and welcoming during the entire workout and allowed me to go at my own pace – not leaving me out when I was falling a little behind! The workout was amazing as it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and pushed me to the limit. I saw results in my body within the next 2 weeks (not following any diets as well lol) – bigger butt to be precise! Thank you TEAM as you guys and gals were great to workout with!!!
    – Shila Chahsavar-Archad.

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