Outdoor Cross-Training Classes

Outdoor Group Cross-Training Class 1 Day Per Week


1 Class $10

1 Month $25

All summer April – Oct. $140 ($20 per month)



Outdoor Cross-training

Cross-Training is an exercise program that focuses on performing a variety of strength and conditioning exercises, ranging from push-ups to sprints to squats. Workouts are circuit style, you continuously go from one exercise to another, each excercise lasting 1 min.  Workouts are different every session! A great workout for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, from the pro athlete to the beginner ! Workouts are like personal training in a group setting but for a lot less! Get motivated to reach your goals and make positive changes!  No need to purchase any equipment.

– It’s Fun
– Meeting good, positive people
– Working out in nature has many benefits.
– Lose inches and body fat
– Develop agility and coordination
– Get better sleep
– Learn proper exercise techniques
– Motivating working out with a group
– Reduce stress
– Gain confidence
– Improve overall health
– Build muscle and get definition

– Increase explosiveness, mental performance, endurance,  flexibility, strength, balance and stability

-Circuit Training
-Agility Training
-Strength Training
-Core Conditioning
-Running and Sprinting
– Nutrition Tips and MORE!




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